The Aims & Objectives

  • To propagate the Gospels through sacred music, dances, individual & mass evangelism, and charity works
  • To promote the teaching of Dinka Language and cultures
  • To promote and encourage positive values amongst the youth to build their future within Christian life
  • To foster unity within our congregations and encourage them to work together in promoting and advocating for cohesive communities
  • To promote community’s social activities such as sports, traditional dances and other charitable practices that may not usually fall within Jieeng Christian’s philosophical and theological perspective.
  • To provide educational awareness on community health and wellbeing issues such as use of illicit drugs, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other health related problems
  • To encourage income generating activities and programs through annual subscriptions from the membership, fundraising, donations and funding from government and non-government agencies

Concern with teaching of the Dinka dialect, the books of the Scripture and the Bible i.e. Dulueng de Pinynom Collect and document positive Dinka and Christian stories from elders and other relevant sources for archive and output Create and confirm the church calendar of activities Develop the Dinka Language curriculum

Interpret the Bible Carry out the work of fellowship and Bible Studies in the churches Create harmony or peaceful environment in the ministry Create awareness on contemporary issues such as drugs and alcohol, public health and gender ambiguity Conduct the biblical counselling

Collect, edit, review, publish and teach Christian hymns Monitor the teaching of Christian hymns at parish level Monitor the use and maintenance of worshiping instruments at parish level Organise, develop and run activities of Akutnhom de Thoom Choir

Carry out the work of evangelisation for the Ministry Dissemination and delivery of JWL information Alert the Christians on the approaching festivals e.g. Christmas, Christmas Carol, Easter and other Christians importance holidays

JWL Teaching Branches

Studying and Teaching

These branches have their allocated studies in which Agayth carried out the work of teaching the dialect to christian; Luangyich perform the work of studying and teaching of the bible. While Akutnhom de Cokpiny de diet ACD have the role of collecting, editing and updating the songs collected and finally, Lek carried out the duty of furthering the evangelization task. There were three zones under the authority of deaneries from Chuei-keer to Chuei-Thon. The first rural occupied the area from Chuei-Keer to Jale and was headed by John Kelei with Abel Alier as the President of Jol-wo-lieec, and from Piol to Payom was the deanery of Joseph Akol Gak with John Chol Majok as the President. Weryol to Duk-padiet was headed by Samuel Majok Deng Mathiang with Isaac Deu Chol as the president of Jol-wo-lieech. The highest ranking from the diocese at those days was rural dean like the archdeacon of the presence days.