Our Mission

To enhance evangelism to immensely disseminated the good news of Christ and advocated for the youth development in State

Our Vision

All people in the dioceses should be servants of God who are spiritually equipped for salvation.

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On 30th January 1906 Marked the beginning of the new mission in the Upper Nile region and in Bor in particular, South Sudan.
This mission was led by the England missionary called Archibald Shaw (Machour), which base at Malek in Boor South,

The first venture of the Gordon Memorial Sudan Mission (GMSM) began with high hope and expectation from the early Dinka converts at Boor. Shaw Mission went smoothly for two years by his commitment and determination. Later in 1908 due to his leave to Britain, the mission was closed because only Shaw determination kept the mission alive. After that, he returned from England and kept Malek going on over the years. Shaw persist to leave the place in spite of the poor responses from Dinka, which caused some Shaw ’s missionary colleagues to give up and left because of the tropical disease and language barrier. But Shaw go ahead with his mission until 1950s when he was taken to Kenya because of the sickness that later led to his death in Nairobi.
The seeds that were sown by Shaw yield fruits during the civil war of 1950s in the south Sudan. Hence, Christian faith spreads widely and deeply in Boor area. But due to the civil war persistence and flood in the region, this led to the closure of Melek mission 1955.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Federal Departments’ Directors are tasked with directing the operations and activities of the JWL Departments in charge of various JWL activities run by the Ministry. “…. One body with many parts….” 1 Corinthians 12:

  • Represent the Jol-Wo-Lieech Youth Ministry at the State level
  • Acts as a link between the Federal and the State Offices
  • Oversees the youth activities at State level e.g. Christmas Carols, Youth Choir activities, Youth Prayers, etc
  • Responsible for all the resources generation and allocation at State level
  • Collect Membership fees on behalf of the Ministry overall annual membership fee of $120
    1. 20% to be sent to Federal Executive Director’s Office
    2. 50% of this remains in the State Branch Executive Office
  • 30% of this remains at the Parish leadership Office
  • Allow the Federal Executive Directors to access reports and documentation of Ministry’s operation in their states
  • Reports to be provided are:
    1. Quarterly subscription and annual membership fee reports
    2. Operational and performance report
  • Statistics and data of membership
  1. Uphold disciplinary and Code of Ethic for their members
  2. Facilitate capacity building of JWL members in their state

Nominate, bet and commission new members of JWL Youth Ministry

  • Present the data of Jol-Wo-Lieech at the parish to the State office
  • implement Jol-Wo-Lieech policies at the parish
  • Scheduling the Jol-Wo-Lieech work at the parish
  • Identify, solve and report arising issues among the members to the State Leadership
  • Inspect and facilitate the evangelical work at the parish level
  1. Report the passiveness and decrement of Jol-Wo-Lieech members at the parish
  2. Orient people on Christian ethics
  • monitoring of the songs in the parish

JWL Youth Ministry of Australia shall have four levels of governance. These are:

  • General assembly
  • Federal board of directors’ office
  1. Federal Executive Directors
  2. JWL Tribunal Board
  • Federal Departments Directors
    • State/branch executive director’s office
    • Parish’s JWL leadership
    • The ex-officio of the ministry shall be the JWL coordinator, a minister appointed by the Dinka Anglican Ministry Council of Australia (DAMCA) to supervise JWL activities.

Christian youth mission

Furthermore, the spiritual sons of Shaw later departed from Malek and went further to towns Juba and Khartoum. These groups got inspiration from the holy Spirit and worked at those areas till 1974, when the Dinka Christians students who were in Juba went ahead with spiritual motives aiming at spreading the gospels at their boundary.

In 1974, the first group among the Dinka Christians was the Christian youth mission formed in Juba by Jieng Student and deacons. Those students were very few but they later got influenced and motivation from ordinary Equatorian believers living in Juba who were spiritually equipped, they also witnessed the consecration ceremony held in Juba for the Equatorian Bishop Yeremiah K. Datario. That event gave the students idea of effective Gospel mission basing on their own effort and commitment. The second event was the enthronement of Yeremiah at Yambio and Benjamin Wani Yugusu at the Rumbek, which finally enhanced their mission in which seven of the Dinka Boor Christians were invited to attend the ceremony.

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